… he will be our friend for always and always and always.

Rudyard Kipling

Adoption Process

Fill out an application and our volunteer staff will connect you with the dog(s) foster! If it is a potentially good fit, you can meet the dog – we recommend including all family members/roommates who will be living with your future dog!! We will check with your vet and your personal references …. then work out details to get your dog settled in his or her new home!

HOLIDAY PAWS: No adoptions Dec. 19 – 26, 2021

Every year, we shut down adoptions the week of Christmas as we don’t allow our dogs to be “gifts”. Too many dogs end up in the shelter or rescue once the novelty of a cute puppy wears off. Our fosters will still receive adoption applications; however, Freedom Ride Rescue will not be finalizing adoptions to prevent our dogs becoming a holiday impulse rather than a well-thought out family decision.

Dogs are lifetime commitments, not just a holiday whim!

What’s included:

  • Their foster family will have spent time getting to know their needs and quirks; their likes and dislikes!
  • Your dog/pup will be on heartworm and flea preventative (starting at 8-weeks of age)
  • A heartworm test (if over age 1**)
  • Age appropriate Distemper/Parvo vaccines (three boosters when under age 1-year*; one if over age 1)
  • Their rabies vaccine and a microchip (if over 4-months of age*)
  • They will be neutered/spayed*

* If adopted prior to these services, they are covered by the adoption fee IF you return to Freedom Ride Rescue and our approved vets. Our team must make appointments in order for the rescue to pay for it.  

** If a dog tests positive for heartworm disease from coming into the rescue until 6 months after coming into the rescue, Freedom Ride Rescue will provide 28 days of doxycycline and pay for the two injections protocol for treatment at one of our partner vets. Adopters may pay the difference to include a third injection. 

Adoption Fees

The adoption fee is:

  • $325 for puppies under age 6-months 
  • $275 for dogs aged 6-months to 8-years
  • $175 for dogs over 8-years

* If you adopt an unaltered dog, the adoption fee will include the spay/neuter surgery at an approved Freedom Ride Rescue vet. Part of your adoption contract is an agreement to have a dog spayed or neutered by age 1 and we encourage females by age 6 months prior to their first heat cycle. Out of state adoptions will include $100 refundable deposit for unalgered animals – which is refunded with proof of spay or neuter.

Not able to adopt?

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