We understand that situations change. We hope that your Freedom Ride Rescue dog lives a long, happy life with you – and that you will engage us with any issues so we can try to connect you with resources to help keep your dog with you.

We work with veterinarian specialists who can help deal with unique medical conditions.

FRR has a large network of caring people who do pet sitting should you need to hire someone for an extended period of time.

We make it a priority to rehome dogs adopted from us whenever possible. Please reach out to if you are in need of guidance on how to keep your dog.


In the case where a dog is becoming aggressive toward people or animals, it is unlikely we can take the animal back into our rescue. We are foster-based so all of our dogs are in private, volunteer homes. If your dog starts to show behavioral issues, the sooner these can be addressed, the more successful corrections can be.

We have a large list of professional dog trainers who work with our rescue and can evualate issues to provide a potential plan to get your dog safely back on track. They understand the special needs many rescue dogs have and can give you resources to assist you.

Because we do not have a facility, our rescue is unable to take back dogs who have attacked people and other animals.


Because we are foster based, we do need to have an available home who can meet the needs of any dog we take into Freedom Ride Rescue. Without a foster home, we cannot accept a dog into – or back into – our rescue. Please email if you get to the point you are considering rehoming your pet.


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