Open your home, your heart .... foster with Freedom Ride.

Fostering isn’t a lifetime commitment …

It is a commitment to save a life!

Freedom Homes 

What does it mean to “foster” for a rescue group? It means you are opening up your heart and your home for a dog in need. In our case, you’d be a Freedom Home!

Most dogs in rescue don’t come with a known history — so as a foster, your patience in helping a dog become accustomed to its new world is critical. A quiet place to “decompress” is important – many dogs haven’t had a warm bed in a long time; some may never have enjoyed their own toy. Giving them time to learn they are safe is important before introducing them to your pets!

Freedom Ride Rescue will provide supplies (crates, food, bowls) and get the animal in for a vet visit (for a spay, neuter and/or vaccines); we’ll also provide flea and heartworm preventatives… and help you find the perfect home for your foster dog through on-line sites, social media, and adoption events. We need long-term Freedom Homes (which means from “Freedom Ride” until adoption) but we also need Relief Homes — to give our Freedom Homes shorter term help during vacations, work commitments — anytime they need some backup!

Tetsu shows his awesome foster trick!

We are always working to gather supplies and funds to help your foster experience be successful!