Open your home, your heart


Fostering isn’t a lifetime commitment – it’s a commitment to save a life!

Foster Application

What is Fostering?

What does it mean to “foster” for a rescue group? It means you are opening up your heart and your home for a dog in need. In our case, you’d be a Freedom Home!

Most dogs in rescue don’t come with a known history — so as a foster, your patience in helping a dog become accustomed to its new world is critical. A quiet place to “decompress” is important – many dogs haven’t had a warm bed in a long time; some may never have enjoyed their own toy. Giving them time to learn they are safe is important before introducing them to your pets!

Freedom Ride Rescue will provide supplies (crates, food, bowls) and get the animal in for a vet visit (for a spay, neuter and/or vaccines); we’ll also provide flea and heartworm preventatives… and help you find the perfect home for your foster dog through on-line sites, social media, and adoption events. We need long-term Freedom Homes (which means from “Freedom Ride” until adoption) but we also need Relief Homes — to give our Freedom Homes shorter term help during vacations, work commitments — anytime they need some backup!


What We Do

Rescue Dogs

We are proud to be the crazy dog lovers who skip out on work to transport dogs from all over the state to their excited fosters’ homes … who stay up late searching shelter pages for that next “Freedom Ride” potential …. who volunteer countless hours making rescue a reality!

Provide Medical Care

Freedom Ride Rescue provides all supplies (crates, food, bowls) and gets the animal in for a vet visit (for a spay, neuter and/or vaccines); we’ll also provide flea and heartworm preventatives. Anything and everything to make a happy and healthy pet!

Find A Home

We love, rehabilitate and nurse an unwanted, unloved animal until they prance away with their fur-ever person as they start their most life’s wonderful chapter: the one as a cherished pet.

help save a life

Donations cover vet expenses, shelter fees, continuing long-term care, and any other costs that arise treating dogs in great need. We prepare our dogs for success with a microchip, spay/neuter and make sure they are up to date on vaccines and preventatives. We are a 501(c)(3) organization making your financial contributions tax deductible.


Join our tight-knit rescue family! We need fosters until dogs are adopted, for temporary needs, for medical cases and/or for end of life hospice care. Supplies and vet care is provided. You help your dog blossom and find his fur-ever home and in the process learn what a rewarding experience fostering really is!


Adopting a rescue animal helps to save the life of an animal in need, through no fault of their own! And you get a new best friend out of the deal. Seriously, what could be better than that? We take in all mixes of breeds and all ages! You can meet adoptable dogs at our weekly adoption events or put in an application for specific dogs.